“The road will never be the same”

We at Chalk 29 feel that wings are but a metaphor for the boundless imagination we are blessed with a far reaching vision, a sky high perspective everything that wings beget to its masters, our imagination begets to us. Humans and birds have brains that are wired in a similar way, birds possess various skills one being the capability to craft a nest from best available natural materials and another being the use of tools. So that’s what we get inspired from, best available natural materials crafted by use of innovative skills and with the use of tools. With every little twig, with every small leaf and with every last straw and whatever bountiful nature provides. A Bird with its indigenous creative instincts, passion and diligence puts a nest together, each different with its unique character as well as imprints. At Chalk 29, we have through diligent research & decades of experience put together 29 known & some hitherto unknown materials & applications to build your nest of creativity. We love to push boundaries and are somewhat intolerant of the ordinary.
So come challenge us and let’s CHALK together.

Chalk 29 is an endeavor, that seeks to resurrect,” Design, Originality to reawaken ours sensual realm”. Our team of highly skilled craftsman hailing from varied specialization and materials, work closely with our ideation wizzes globally, to customize internationally stylized products that brings to life the hither to lost treasure of design & crafts uniqueness that recreates the originality,” of concepts, design, styling and the pride of ownership”.
Chalk 29, though with a soul of creator and ethos of the original craftsman seeks to disrupt the holiness of today’s product assembly lines, similarity of design and clichéd shade, “inspirational picks” so as to recreate.

Chalk 29 as an organization has allowed an ethos that thrives on creativity and creative pursuits. Here, the process, the vision and the love for creating something new with each new project and each new venture takes on the center stage.
To come up with something new, something yet unexplored, there is a whole design mechanism that is intense, extensive and unique. As the conceptualizers bring their vision on to paper, they pass it on to the craftsmen and the execution team. This harmonious balance and blend of technique and process with an exquisite touch of hand, sets Chalk 29 apart from the rest.

We, at Chalk29 believe in adorning every living space while giving it a unique personality. Customization takes a new flight of imagination here, at Chalk29. We offer customization and take it to immeasurable heights and depths. We shape fantasies!
At Chalk29, we offer an exclusive collection extra- ordinary interior objects, luxury furniture, eye-catching lighting and refined accessories. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and our design makes our collection unique.
Carefully chosen, responsibly sourced, and sensitively utilized, the 29 materials that Chalk 29, deals with are unique, interesting, and have defining traits that make them what they are – different! In addition to having a different look and appeal, each material is suitable for certain products and applications where their natural properties and structures are highlighted and put to best use.
The creative abilities and sensitivity of our interior designers, the technical prowess of our interior architects, and the experience and in-depth understanding of the highly skilled craftsmen are amalgamated and balanced at every stage of the design and execution process to bring out the best ideas and realize them with delicate precision. The concept of customization with a strong unifying thread of a theme and story especially crafted for each client is taken to heights that have rarely been scaled in these field. Come experience the Creative Foreplay at Chalk 29.

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