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26. Wool

Wool is a natural animal fiber obtained from sheep and certain other animals such as cashmere & mohair from goats, angora from rabbits, and many more. However, major source of wool remains sheep hair. Wool differs from other animal hair in several characteristic qualities that distinguish it from hair or fur. It is crimped, it is elastic, and it grows in clusters.

Its ability to absorb and release moisture makes it suitable for apparels, carpets and durable upholstery. Industrial uses of wool include sheets of bonded coarse wool used for thermal and acoustic insulation in home construction, as well pads for soaking up oil spills.

Chalk29 puts to constructive use the characteristics of wool like fire resistance, water repellence, elasticity, durability, dye-ability and dust resistance. We explore this warm & cozy material to create carpets, lamp shades, mirror borders, headboards, wall applications and more.

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