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22. Semi-Precious Stone

raditionally any stone apart from Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald was categorized as a Semi-Precious stone. The name however, is grossly misleading as not all of them are any less valuable than the precious stones. They were so named due to their ample abundance in nature. Today, however, these semi-precious stones too have become rare and thus expensive.

Of around 150 known semi-precious gemstones the most popular ones are amethyst, garnet, jade, tourmaline, turquoise, aquamarine, topaz, jasper, garnet, opal, agate, malachite, obsidian.

Chalk29 takes on the responsibility of ethically sourcing these gemstones, treating them in the accurate manner to achieve the best finishes, cuts and shapes to create brilliant pieces of décor with a purpose.

Give Chalk a stone, and it will give you back a stunning masterpiece!

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