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9. Leather

A pliable, tensile and durable material, leather is made from raw animal hide or skin through the process of tanning. This rich and graceful material has traditionally found use in clothing, footwear, accessories and book-binding. Chalk believes that leather has a space outside the confines of your closets and cupboards – in your living spaces. This belief has led to us chalking out some exquisite designs for products ranging from furniture, planter skins to headboards and other lifestyle products.
Leatherette is a form of artificial leather, usually made by covering a fabric base with a pliable plastic layer. One of its primary advantages, especially in cars, is that it requires lesser maintenance when compared to leather, and does not crack or fade easily.
Chalk has developed designs for the intriguing and unconventional fish skin leather. Fish leather is a surprisingly strong and stiff material varying in looks and strength as per the species.

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